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Money does grow on trees

UPM Bonvesta is the market leader in sales of Finnish forest properties. We regularly publish portfolios of commercial forests to be sold by a tendering process. All sales brochures are available in both Finnish and English. The English versions are published at this web site. 

The portfolio published for sale on June 25th 2018 is now open for initial bids. This portfolio includes three (3) large forest properties with sizes varying from 5,475 ha and 8,326 ha. A long-term forest management and timber harvesting contract is signed along with the property transaction to ensure professional forest management as well as continuing demand for the harvested timber.

Time period of preliminary offers has ended (July 15th) regarding portfolio published on 25th of June 2018. Negotiations will continue only with selected customers. Thank you for your interest!

For more information please contact our Forest Estate Development Manager Juho Kontra,

Email. juho.kontra@upm.com
Tel. +358 40 167 6706